Montpellier of Yesteryear, Montpellier Today : a travel, not a simple tourist visit !

During the month of July, I will help you to discover the city of Montpellier with a veritable trip back in time. Beginning at the gardens of the Peyrou, we will cross the heart of the city and together discover tiny details hidden in the city’s streets which create the richness of Montpellier. Towards the end of the tour, we will take in the more modern area of the city Antigone.
Let me show you how Montpellier became the city we know and love today !
Meet me in July :
The 10th, saturday : from 15H to 16h45
the 17th, saturday : from 15H to 16h45
the 24th, saturday : from 15H to 16h45
the 31th, saturday : from 15H to 16h45
During of Visit : 1H45 only outdoors
Rate : 15€/person
(reduce rate for students and et persons looking for a job)
informations and reservations :